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Red Brand® invites you to participate in the Certified Fence Installer program. The CFI program rewards contractors like you who choose to recommend, purchase and install the very best in ag fencing.

Why participate in CFI?

Partner with the leading agricultural fence manufacturer in the world. With over 120 years of quality and tradition in every roll of fence, Red Brand's reputation runs deep in the ag community. Your customers will appreciate the fact that excellence is as important to you as it is to them.

How does this program benefit me?

Take advantage of the only program of its kind for ag fence installers. Red Brand CFI helps you grow your business through customer referrals, rebates, marketing, and tech support.

Referrals Your next job may come from a Red Brand referral. Each year, we get 1000s of requests from folks looking for local fence contractors. Our interactive website allows consumers to locate installers in their area and CFI participants will appear first in the database search results.

Rebates CFI participants receive price discounts on all Red Brand products purchased from qualified Red Brand dealers. Use these rebates to secure bids or pass the savings along to your customers as an added bonus.

Professional Marketing Support Red Brand's team of marketing experts will help you communicate and grow your business by providing many of the marketing materials you need to promote your business. Red Brand will provide you with "A Business in a Box". Your CFI Kit includes: customized business cards, customized fence signs, customized vehicle magnets, Red Brand cap and gloves, Red Brand cooler and mug, job planning worksheets, work shirts, Red Brand tape measure, expert support from Red Brand, Red Brand fence brochures, and Red Brand rebates.

Technical Support Your success is Red Brand's success. To support you in your CFI business venture, Red Brand's experienced team is ready to give you the advice and guidance you need to confidently select and install your ag fence projects.

How do I get started?

The Red Brand CFI program is open to qualified full-time ag fence contractors. To assure that participating installers are in good company, applicants will be required to verify credentials through a short certification process. This free program is currently limited to installers in the U.S. To register as a Red Brand Certified Fence Installer, click here to complete the online application. For more information, contact:

Marketing Department

phone: 800-441-0308


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